Posted by DGN Lloyd Campbell, Membership Chair
As we continue to diversify Rotary adding more women and minorities to better reflect our communities, it is exciting to see progress — even during a pandemic!
We’ve increased the female percentage of District membership from 30% to 32.25%, adding over 80 additional new women members, primarily from the District's new clubs: 
  • The Twin-City Eco Club is 52% women and added four members during the Pandemic.  
  • The Rotary Club of Network for Empowering Women has a membership comprised of 69% women and has added 12 members since its chartering earlier this year.  
  • The Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking is 61% women and has added 15 female members during the Pandemic.  
What do these clubs have in common? A flexible membership model, a diverse membership population and a female majority of members and leaders. 
Overall, as we look at our membership numbers at the club and district level, we look at retention and attraction. Rotary International's retention statistics show D5950’s four-year retention average dropped just one percent during COVID. New-member retention numbers increased by five percent during this time!
Not surprisingly, as clubs were not able to meet or met virtually for much of the year, our attraction numbers declined. We were not able to invite prospective members to meetings and saw a decline in the number of new members. 
Think about how valuable your Rotary friendships have been to you and all of the great work your Rotary club has done in your area and in the world. As you and your friends and neighbors are vaccinated and clubs come back together, Rotary will be even more important in bringing people together. If you are reading this, YOU care about membership! Please invite your friends and family members who, like you, are People of Action and can join your Rotary Club!