Posted by Jon L. Manchester on Sep 18, 2013

Day Chair Paul Kotz introduced today’s speaker Adam Yust  of Grassroots Solutions speaking on “Reforming Industrial Animal Agriculture”.  Watch out for news of CAFO  or Confined Animal Feed Operations which are meat producers that maximize profit by minimizing space per animal and staffing.  The concerns are that they minimize the welfare of the animals and their effluent endangers our water supply.  Perspective:  humans produce 18 million tons of effluent per year while live stock produce between 500-1000 million tons a year.  The manure is usually returned to the soil as fertilizer, but it still gets into the water.  Think of the dead zone in the Gulf.  Incidently Minnesota is #1 in turkey production in the U.S., and #3 in hogs.  And then there is the antibiotic excess.  Humans use 7.7 million doses a year while animals use 29.9 million.  Visit for more details.

Chris Dokken asked about the meaning of Organic, which is surprising.  It means no antibiotics and no forced feeding.  But “cage free” means that the animal should be outside the cage for 1 hour a day.  That’s food for thought.  Also, did you know that in Arkansas they produce 400 chickens a year for every human.

Biography:  Adam joined Grassroots Solutions in the summer of 2013, as an organizer. Adam works with a national environmental advocacy organization, specifically working on clean energy and industrial agricultural issues.   The son of Saint Paul neighborhood organizers, Adam’s first appearance speaking at community hearings came when he was 13 years old. After attending the University of Minnesota, Morris, Adam interned at the city of Saint Paul. In August of 2009, Adam joined Senator Al Franken’s Saint Paul office as a staff assistant and eventually moved to Senator Franken’s Washington, D.C. office. Recently he moved back to Minnesota, and is thrilled to be working at grassroots solutions.